If one lives and works in an area that experiences the severity of winter, chances are they already know the steps they need to take to prepare themselves for the season. Coats and scarves come out of the closets, and heavier blankets are placed on bedsides. Thermostats are turned on and tuned to keep the chill out of the air. Recipes for hot and hearty meals begin to come into rotation. Just as one would organize their home in preparation for the season, pool pros need to service and winterize pool heaters for the cold weather.

The same warm water that provides comfort during the summer can quickly turn into the enemy when temperatures drop. Electric, gas, and electronic components can easily get damaged or destroyed if they are not properly prepared as freezing water will expand and damage heat exchangers, piping, and internal controls. Therefore, it is important pool heaters are serviced and maintained so when it comes time to open again in the spring, the systems are operational and running.

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