Tips For Energy Efficient Pool Maintenance

So we’re all trying to be more energy efficient these days and more sustainable in our efforts when it comes to conserving energy. Does that relate to your pool? Yes, it does! It’s about making things work for you with half the amount of energy output normally required. So because the heat is blazing and our pool is in use, here are some effective ways you can be more energy efficient when it comes to your pool.

Tip #1: Use A Pool Cover

This seems simple and quite a basic idea, but having a pool cover goes a very, very, very long way. Because the heat is blazing during the summer, it can deplete the water levels in your pool. Yes, it’s that term we learned about in grade school…evaporation. Believe it or not, evaporation is one of the biggest ways you can use up valuable energy because it requires that much more water to be pumped into your pool on a daily or weekly basis. By using a pool cover, you will reduce the amount of water that is evaporated and thus use less energy in the use and maintenance of your pool.

Tip #2: Use A Pool Pump

Pool pumps are often referred to as “the heart of the pool system” as they circulate water throughout the pool, thus this saying does really hold true. Research shows that most pools have a pump installed that is much larger than required, which means there is more energy being used by the pump to maintain the pool system. Consulting with a professional in this case would allow you to install a pump that is suitable to your pool type and size and thus more energy efficient.

Tip #3: Install A Variable Speed Pump

Variable Speed pumps can save a pool owner up to 1,500 dollars per year in electricity costs. Variable speeds pumps alter there's pumps speeds for different situations depending on filtration, heating, cleaning,spa jets,water features and much more. This allows for the system to drop the circulation rate when it is not needed, saving on power and saving you money on your next utility bill. We recommend at commercial pool and spa supplies the pentair intelliflo pump, an unbelievably quiet pump that provides a pool owners with considerable energy savings.

Tip #4: Protect Your Pool From The Wind

So earlier I stated that the sun is harmful to the water levels in your pool. Well guess what? Wind is too. So in this case an item like a “windbreak” would be useful in protecting your pool water from harsh winds. Less exposure to wind - means less loss of pool water, which means less energy being used to refill the pool. It’s simple pool science!

Tip #5: Maintain Your Pool On A Regular Basis

If you keep up to date with your pool health and maintenance, chances are you will need to spend less energy trying to maintain your pool water levels, and everything associated with your pool area. Pools are tough work, and although your pool may only be around for the summer season, the amount of energy you put into it for a few months can be years of valuable natural energy wasted. So be smart with your time, and make sure you maintain your pool on a regular basis.


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By: Daniel Pillai